Our Patients’ Pot Dispensary Reviews

Marijuana for Arthritis: What Are the Best Strains for Arthritis Pain Relief?

Approximately 54 million adults in the United States have been diagnosed with some kind of arthritis. These numbers are expected to climb dramatically in the coming years, too. In fact, by the year 2040, doctors estimate that a whopping 78 million adults will have...

What are Terpenes and What Can They Do For Your Body?

We've surpassed the days when smoking weed was something you did behind your high school. Today, people are appreciating marijuana more and more for its medicinal and emotional effects. To get the effects you want from your marijuana, it's all about research. Each...

What are the Best Sativa Strains for Energy?

Smoking marijuana isn't all about sitting around getting high and taking it easy. There are many medical and recreational users out there who enjoy marijuana as a means to help them be productive and/or social throughout the day. The results you get from smoking...

A Stoner’s Dream: Exploring The 5 Best Buffets in Las Vegas

Hope you brought your appetite for this one... Feelings of euphoria and an increased appetite are the first noticeable effects of marijuana. The city of sin has no shortage of delicious food options to inspire hunger and excitement. If planning to get stoned before...

The 8 Best Weed Strains Endorsed by Celebrities

Is it your first trip to the dispensary and you have zero marijuana knowledge? Sure, you can ask your budtender. But they will start throwing out these crazy words such as "indica" and "shatter." It's difficult for a beginner to gauge which strain of marijuana is best...

The Best Food to Eat While High

Do you remember back in college, where you'd get high partly just to see what munchie inventions you could come up with? Sometimes we miss those days and the miraculous creations we were only able to create thanks to marijuana. Knowing you can't turn back the munchie...

The Ultimate Cannabis Guide to the Best Strains for Anxiety

Anxiety isn't an easy condition to handle. From worrying intensely about the future to physical symptoms of stress and unease, the conditions can be so severe that they prevent people from carrying out their day to day activities. While there are treatment options out...

The 10 Best Things to Do While High

We've all been there before. Come home from work. Fire up the vape pen. Order a pizza and flip on the tube. Spend the next five hours lost in infomercials and wake up the next morning wondering what you did the night before. While it's true that 40 percent of people...

How to Make Your Cannabis Concentrates Last Longer

There are now various ways you can ingest cannabis. From smoking to eating it and topical delivery methods, the opportunities are endless. But, as with anything cannabis-related, it also has a sell-by-date. As you expose cannabis to various weather conditions, the THC...

The Marijuana Sativa Strains You Need to Buy in Las Vegas

You're in Las Vegas. Step away from the whirring of the slot machines and a green revolution is underway. Marijuana consumers rejoice! Recreational consumption is legal. Head to the nearest dispensary and prepare to have your mind blown. Quality Vegas shops are...

“From the moment you walk in the front door until you leave, you are treated like a returning friend.”



“Great dispensary with a great option of choices for all your medical needs. Definitely will be going back :-)”



“...the staff made sure to provide me with a great experience. The staff was very friendly and very knowledgable.”






“You guys are well knowledged professionals take the time out to explain things to people.”

George Townsend


“the staff was really nice and knowledgeable. I had all my questions answered... it was a great experience.”



Located in Clark County Inyo Fine Cannabis continues to set the dispensary standards in Las Vegas Nevada.

Body of Local Element – Inyo Fine Cannabis is located in Las Vegas. You can call us at (702) 707-8888, or come visit us between 8am -12pm Monday – Saturday or 8am – 10pm on Sunday! We are located close to the Las Vegas Strip.

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