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Cannabis and CBD continue to make waves all across America. Recreational marijuana has been legalized in ten states while medical marijuana is being legalized more and more. At present, over 20 states allow for medical marijuana. 

Its medical benefits continue to be uncovered. It can stop the spread of cancer, help those suffering with Alzheimer’s, ease the pain of Multiple Sclerosis, and more. In time, most states will at least allow for medical marijuana.

In case your home state isn’t on board just yet, don’t forget about the healing properties found in CBD. CBD comes from the cannabis plant, but it doesn’t have THC, found in weed. The benefits of CBD are also numerous, including anti-anxiety and pain-relieving properties. 

If you have a friend or family member with a serious love for marijuana, why not wrap up any of these gift ideas and watch their faces light up with joy? Here some of our favorite items these days. 

1. Subscription to Stashbox

Stashbox is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s an annual subscription box that gets delivered to your weed loving friend’s door every month. Each box is carefully curated month after month with exciting new cannabis accessories to try.

2. Black Rock Carryall

Black Rock Originals has a carryall that doesn’t just look good; it’s also smell-proof! It can stow your friend’s pipes, glass jars, bowls, vaporizers, and stash box. This case is smell-proof thanks to its carbon layers and tape-sealed zipper. It’s also padded for safe keeping when traveling. 

3. Infinity Storage Containers

Continuing the smell-proof theme, Infinity offers airtight storage jars that look sleek and maintain freshness. They feature a shiny black veneer and will not only boost your pal’s organization system but also keep his or her products fresh. 

4. Beamer Goliath Rolling Tray

If style is important to your loved one, don’t stop with those Infinity storage containers. Keep the sleek look going and pair the containers with a Beamer Goliath rolling tray. These trays are made of all-natural bamboo and feature neat little slots to organize lighters, dab tools, and other implements. 

5. G Pen Nova Vaporizer

This is such a sleek black pen. Not only does it look good, but its functionality is also on point. Inside, there’s a ceramic heating element and quartz bowl, producing even heat and refined flavors. For $34.95, you’ll be giving your friend the perfect little on-the-go gift. 

6. Pax 3 Vaporizer

This is a good-looking dual-use vaporizer. It works for both dry herb and extracts. You can select from four different colors, including a gold tone, silver tone, and teal shade.

This is the Rolls Royce of vaporizers for many reasons. It heats up in a record-breaking 22 seconds, allows up to ten charges per session, and is Bluetooth enabled.

7. Weed: The User’s Guide

If your pal is a fan of reading, you’ll definitely want to gift them with this beautiful book. It’s a great read, covering everything from the history of marijuana, to homemade bongs, to information about THC. 

This comprehensive guide is written by David Schmader; he gives TED talks that try to dispel the myth of the lazy stoner. If you pair this up with one of the Hammertone Rolling Trays, your friend is going to have a pretty little coffee table display. 

8. Urban Outfitters Ashtray

Urban Outfitter’s Act Natural Ashtray comes in an earthy green tone. Many smokers grew up trying to hide their affinity for weed. So, this is an ironic little joke for a friend who likes to kick back and enjoy a stress-free hit.

Given it’s pretty, glazed finish, your friend may wind up using this tray for anything. It might go on to become a jewelry tray or even a cute little catch-all. 

9. Marley Natural Spoon Pipe

Pair the Urban Outfitter Act Natural ashtray with this Marley Natural pipe, made of clear glass and walnut wood. It evokes the cool, breezy vibe of Bob Marley’s days in Jamaica. 

Your friend will enjoy the round stem and heat-resistant glass bowl. It creates smooth, clean draws your friend will savor with every single use. It also comes apart nicely and will tuck right into their Black Rock Carryall. 

10. Strava Coffee

Strava Coffee is brought to you by our friends over in Denver, Colorado. They feature CBD-infused coffee beans that boast a slew of health benefits. Your friend will love the feeling of a refreshing cup of coffee, doused with anti-anxiety properties to set their day on the right course. 

Our favorite line is the Peace & Wellness collection. They have different variations, including Focus, Escape, Restore, and Elevate. With these beans, your loved one will chart their course, day after day. 

Gift Ideas Your Friend Will Love

From sleek cases to smart single hits, your gift game will be on fleek with any of these gift ideas. Many of them are so affordable, you can even go big and create a weed gift basket. Our favorites are the coffee table book, rolling trays, and Marley Spoon Pipe. When all three are laid out, it creates an impressive display. 

If you’re ever visiting Vegas, come on by and visit us on South Maryland. Or, if you’re living the high life at one of the many Vegas resorts, we’ll deliver your cannabis to you!

You can also order from us online and know you and your loved ones are receiving the highest quality products, delivered straight to your door. Some of our best sellers include key lime pie, cookie n’ cream, and blue suede. We can’t wait to meet you!

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