The Complete Las Vegas Dispensary Guide For Beginners

The legalization of recreational cannabis and related concentrates has added yet another item to the to-do list for tourists visiting the area. If this is your first visit to a Las Vegas dispensary, read on for more information about how to buy (and enjoy) marijuana safely and legally in Nevada.


  • Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis in Las Vegas?
  • Your First Visit to the Dispensary: What You Should Know
  • What Kinds of Cannabis Products Should You Try?
  • Trust Inyo Las Vegas for Your Cannabis Product

Is It Legal To Buy Cannabis in Las Vegas?

Yes, it is legal to purchase, possess and consume up to one ounce of cannabis or up to 1/8 of an ounce of concentrated cannabis, which is a separated resin — either crude or purified — that is obtained from the cannabis if you:

  • Are at least 21 years old.
  • Have proper proof of identification, which can include a driver’s license, a government-issued identification card, or a military identification card.
  • Are purchasing the product from a state-licensed retail store that sells cannabis and cannabis concentrates, known as a dispensary.
  • Do not consume the product in a public place. Examples of public places where using cannabis products is prohibited include hotel rooms, casinos, schools and university campuses or dorm rooms, common areas in apartment buildings, office buildings, restaurants, bars, stadiums, and federal property. Beginning in 2021, those eligible to consume cannabis can do so in specialized social use venues.

Your First Visit to the Dispensary: What You Should Know

For many of us, marijuana has been illegal for most of our adult lives and it can be hard to shake that feeling of “doing something wrong.” Rest assured that the Nevada voters approved the recreational use of cannabis, dispensaries provide the products you’re looking for, and the dispensaries are staffed with friendly people who are happy to answer your questions and provide you with information on the products and strains that are available.

How To Find a Dispensary in Las Vegas

Finding a dispensary in Las Vegas is as easy as googling “dispensaries near me.” You can also take a look at the dispensaries listed on Weed Maps to find one near your location. When you select a dispensary to visit, you will want to call ahead first to ensure that it is open to the public and to verify the store hours. Many dispensaries also have websites on which you can view the menu and begin considering which of its offerings you would like to try.

In light of the pandemic, several Las Vegas dispensaries offer curbside pickup as well as delivery options for their customers. Be sure to ask if these options are available and to learn about the dispensary’s process for having your cannabis products delivered to you curbside or to your home.

What You Should Bring to the Dispensary

Each time you go to the dispensary, you should remember to bring the following:

  • Your photo ID, which will be scanned before you will be allowed into the retail portion of the building.
  • Cash or a debit card so that you can take cash from the ATM when you get there. Because cannabis is still considered illegal at the federal level, few banks will work with dispensaries, making it generally necessary for them to deal in cash.

How Much Cash Should You Bring to the Dispensary?

It depends on how much you want to purchase. Remember that you are legally allowed to possess up to an ounce of cannabis and that ounce can be purchased all at one dispensary or through multiple dispensaries. A gram of smoke-able cannabis leaf  will generally run around $10-$15 and there are 28 grams in an ounce, ensuring that you can sample a lot of strains during your time in Las Vegas. However, be warned that an ounce also represents more cannabis than most individuals are capable of smoking themselves during the course of a vacation.

Other Words of Advice

Most dispensaries prohibit the use of cellphones while in the facility. In order to ensure that your first trip to a Las Vegas dispensary is an enjoyable one, put the phone away. Other tips for your dispensary visit include:

  • There are no stupid questions. Feel free to ask your budtender any questions about the product that you wish. You will find that they not only have a lot of knowledge about cannabis in general, but they also give good recommendations based on their own experience as well as experiences shared with them by customers who regularly use the products.
  • Never buy cannabis in Las Vegas outside of a dispensary. Nevada’s marijuana possession laws only apply to product you’ve purchased from a state-licensed retail establishment or cannabis that you have grown for yourself. Buying marijuana from people on the streets remains illegal.
  • Remember to bring a little extra cash to tip your budtender for his or her assistance.
  • As exciting as your first purchase from a dispensary is, remember that you cannot smoke or consume it until you get to a private area. In Nevada, smoking marijuana in public is a misdemeanor that can result in a fine of up to $600 on your first offense.
  • Remember that is is illegal to share your cannabis product with minors, and they are not allowed inside the dispensary with you. As with all types of medicine or adult recreational products, keep your cannabis purchase out of reach of children.
  • It is also illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. Bear in mind that even with edibles, which can take hours to produce intoxicating effects, it is not safe to drive after you have used cannabis.

What Kind of Cannabis Products Should You Try?

It is not necessary to become a cannabis expert before you walk into a dispensary. In fact, with the competitive nature of dispensaries and the tourism economy that keeps Las Vegas alive, you will likely find no shortage in helpful information and assistance offered by the dispensary staff, known as budtenders. However, before you go, it can be helpful to at least have an understanding of some of the basic terms commonly used in dispensaries.

The Types of Strains

There are three types of cannabis strains widely available at dispensaries, as follows:

  • Indica strains, often referred to as “in the couch” are strains that are known for their full-body effects, providing a sense of relaxation, reducing stress, and assisting with insomnia.
  • Sativa strains provide a “head high” — leaving the user with an energized, creatively focused feeling. Because of its energizing effects, sativa is commonly preferred for daytime use.
  • Hybrid strains are created using both sativa and indica strains. It should be noted that the percentage of sativa and indica strains that are featured in the hybrid are listed on the product’s label. The strain that is present in the highest percentage generally informs the dominant characteristics of the hybrid.

THC and Terpenes

Just as different strains provide different effects on the mind and body of the user, they also provide different potencies as well. Potency is determined both by the content THC that is present in the product as well as the terpenes.

  • THC is the psychoactive agent in cannabis and cannabis-containing products and is responsible for the feeling of euphoria that the consumer obtains by using the product.
  • Terpenes are another naturally occurring compound to the cannabis plant that affect not only the smell of the product but also the effects produced by certain strains.


Cannabis concentrates are products that can be used to enhance the potency of the cannabis you intend to smoke or can also be consumed on their own through the use of a portable vaporizer or dab ring. This is known as “dabbing,” and it is currently one of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis. Bear in mind, however, that concentrates are just that — a concentrated form of cannabis, often with much stronger effects. Dabs are generally not a practice for cannabis beginners. Examples of popular cannabis concentrates include:

  • Shatter: Known for its brittle, glass-like texture, shatter is generally golden yellow or bright amber throughout.
  • Budder or Badder: Softer and oilier in texture than shatter, budder or badder is easily handled, making it convenient as an enhancement spread on blunts or joints, or for use in a vaporizer or dab ring on its own.
  • Crumble: This is a brittle version of badder that is a muted shade of yellow.
  • Extracts: Extracts are a type of concentrate that is made through the use of a solvent, such as alcohol or carbon dioxide, which wash or extract the trichomes off the plant. Trichomes are the hairlike structures on the cannabis plant that store the THC and impact the potency, color, and flavor of the product.


Interested in trying cannabis but not interested in smoking it? Las Vegas dispensaries also contain a wide variety of edible products that contain marijuana and produce a similar high as smoking the plant or dabbing the concentrate does. Edibles come in a wide variety of foods, including gummies, lollipops, chocolate bars, syrups, sodas, and more. It is worth mentioning that often it takes a bit longer to begin to feel the effects of edibles when compared to smoking cannabis. If you have consumed an edible and are not yet feeling high, wait several hours before consuming more.

Choosing the Right Product For You

Armed with this basic knowledge and backed up with assistance from the dispensary staff, you are now ready to make your cannabis selection. When doing so, you should:

  • Know what your goal is. If you’re looking for something to help you sleep, ask the bud tender to show you some indica strains. If you’re looking for energy and creative focus, you will likely want a sativa variety.
  • Understand your tolerance. If you have never used cannabis before or it has been a long time since you have done so, you should look for Pineapple Express or other comparable, mild strains that are easily tolerated by beginners.
  • Make sure you have the right equipment to consume your product. Your dispensary will likely have a collection of pipes or portable vaporizers. Additionally, you can purchase a pre-rolled joint or pre-filled, disposable vaporizer, which is particularly convenient if you are not from the area and do not want to travel with cannabis paraphernalia in your possession.

Trust Inyo Las Vegas for Your Cannabis Products

The founders of Inyo Las Vegas have been proud residents of the area for more than 40 years and have been at the forefront of the efforts to decriminalize cannabis across the nation. We are well situated to ensure that our business is run in full compliance with local and state regulations and that our customers get the highest quality cannabis products available.

As members of the greater Las Vegas community, Inyo supports a variety of local causes and charities, including the Discovery Children’s Museum, which educates young people on the effects of legal and illegal drugs, as well as organizations that benefit veterans and senior citizens. In order to help our customers during the pandemic, we offer delivery to those who are over 21 and have a government-issued ID. We provide next day service on up to 20 orders a day. Once we have reached the 20 deliveries for the day, we will begin accepting orders for delivery the following day.

For those who want to shop for themselves inside our dispensary, you will find that parking is close, lighting is good, and security alarm systems are in use to keep our customers safe as they shop. Stop in and see what we have to offer at our dispensary that is located at 2520 South Maryland Parkway #2, Las Vegas, NV 89109. You can also contact us online or by calling us at 702-707-8888. Our store hours are Sunday – Saturday: 8am – 12am