There are over 30,000 bench warrants active in Southern Nevada. These warrants are for everything from unpaid traffic tickets to jaywalking. What was a small offense can develop into an arrest and incarceration, causing disproportionate devastation to low income and minority communities.  At Inyo, we are helping our neighbors and customers take the first step of doing a search to find out if a bench warrant has been issued in their name. Additionally, Inyo will assisting as many of our customers as we can get these warrants quashed so that interactions with law enforcement don’t lead to arrest and incarceration. We are trying to raise money so that EVERYONE with an outstanding warrant can engage a legal professional and quash their outstanding warrant. 100% of the money will go to legal professionals on behalf of those in need. The law office of Kristina Wildeveld and Associates has generously offered a discounted rate to help our neighbors.

Here are the steps on how we are here to help:

Stop by Inyo on June 26th and 27th from 10am-4pm for a free bench warrant search. We will have a legal representative from Kristina Wildeveld and Associates to guide you through the process.

Each day, the first 10 Inyo customers who are found with a bench warrant will be provided with payment for the quashing of their bench warrant.

Inyo has also negotiated a special rate of $150 to quash a warrant from the City of Las Vegas, Clark County, and Boulder City and $200 for Henderson and North Las Vegas. In order to get the warrant removed, you will need to file a motion to quash with the proper Nevada court.

Other ways to help: If you aren’t one of the first 10 customers with a warrant, we’ve started a GoFundMe page to assist those in need, and we’ll use the funds that we raise to pay for additional warrant quashing for our community.


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