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Linalool is a common terpene in cannabis, although it’s best known for giving lavender its distinct fragrance. It can be recognized by its sweet, floral scent. Linalool has often used in aromatherapy as a sleep aid, a relaxant, and as a treatment for anxiety for thousands of years. Linalool is crucial in the production of vitamin E in the body, which makes it a very important terpene for healthy functioning.

Aroma: floral, sugar, citrus

Effects: anti-anxiety, sedative, pain relief

Also Found In: lavender, mint, cinnamon, birch

High Linalool Cannabis Strains: Bubble Gum, Tangerine Dream, 9lb Hammer, Sour Diesel, Locomotion, and Cush (aka Green Crack).

Linalool terpene infographic

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