We deliver medicine to locals 21+ years of age with a valid id.

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  2. All delivery sales are FINAL.

Inyo only delivery to private residences.
“Private Residence” defined. “Private Residence” means any building, buildings, or part of a building owned or leased by a public or private entity which serves as a private, non- transient residential dwelling unit. Private residences include, but are not limited to, single family homes, town houses, duplexes, condominiums, mobile homes, and apartments. Private residences do not include hotels, weekly hotels, monthly hotels, motels, camps, campers, motor homes, and/or other vehicles and industrial and commercial facilities that do not also serve as residences. Private residences also do not include universities, colleges, and/or schools, as well as their housing, residences, and/or dormitories.

Delivery Hours:

Monday thru Sunday 9-5

Delivery rates:

  • Free delivery for orders over $50

If you’re visiting Las Vegas from out of town, Inyo Fine Las Vegas Dispensary Delivery is your best option for getting medical or recreational marijuana quickly, safely, and legally. The State of Nevada Department of Taxation urges patients not to purchase from illegal delivery-only businesses, and instead visit state-licensed marijuana dispensaries or utilize the legal and state-approved delivery services offered by these dispensaries. Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary is a Southern Nevada Certified Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensary (a legal dispensary licensed by the State of Nevada and Clark County).