Cannabis Jobs Las Vegas NV

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Delivery Occupations

Medical marijuana delivery jobs are an essential service for patients in states that allow them. Cannabis delivery jobs allow for patients to receive their medication without having to drive to the store; similar to how prescriptions are delivered by a pharmacy. Cannabis delivery is valuable for individuals who are unable to drive to their local dispensary, especially older or disabled patients that don’t have a caregiver, because it may be the only means a patient can receive their medical cannabis products. Delivery services on behalf of dispensaries or collectives vary from state to state. Delivery roles are currently not legal in many places cannabis delivery of cannabis jobs las vegas nv make up a large portion of the market. These are typically hourly wage positions.

Ancillary Cannabis Business

The marijuana industry is growing at such a fast pace and there are untold cannabis jobs las vegas nv opportunities related to medical marijuana. Some of these positions include promotion, photography, creative design, brand ambassador, reviewing, media and more.

Cannabis Jobs Las Vegas NV

Cannabis Jobs Las Vegas NV

Medical Cannabis Occupations of Tomorrow

There is major room for advancement within the legal cannabis industry, although medical marijuana businesses continue to be entrenched in convoluted legislation. Medical cannabis jobs are becoming widely available across the World. Now is a better time than ever to get involved with the booming medical and recreational cannabis industries. If you need help starting your marijuana career don’t hesitate to reach out to us here. Check out some of our other Cannabis Staffing Blogs to learn more about the industry and gain valuable insights cannabis disadvantages!

There are plenty of great opportunities to put your skillsets to use, you don’t need to be a grower or a budtender anymore! Marijuana business is just like a regular business. The need for marketing, accounting, sales, and management positions are necessary. Due to the exponential growth, candidates with non-industry skill sets are in high demand.

Do you have the skills that will help us grow our company?

We are a recruiting firm that provides cannabis companies across the globe with qualified, professional talent that help make their company dreams a reality. Our goal at Vangst is to take cannabis staffing to the next level and introduce professionals from all industries to the cannabis industry.

We are looking for qualified, passionate people for the careers:

We will be introducing weekly blogs that discuss relevant topics to staffing and cannabis from both the candidate and client perspective. Our blogs will be written by Vangst employees who have experienced each situation first hand. This week we’re going to give you an overview of who we are, our recruiting process, and ways to get connected.

Premier Cannabis Staffing Agency?

We are a team of experienced recruiters who recognized the hiring challenges that the cannabis industry faced. Our recruiting team comes from the Agricultural, Science, IT, Retail, Sales, and Finance industries and have used their previous experiences to change the hiring game in the cannabis industry. Each member of our team is dedicated to finding the best candidates for the right client opportunities.

How Do We Help You Staff Your Cannabis Company?

We work with international cannabis companies like dispensary groups, cultivators, and ancillary businesses. Our recruiters begin their candidate search once we’ve acquired a cannabis jobs las vegas nv search from a new client. We use creative sourcing strategies, personal outreach to our individual and collective networks, and hard work to find the top talent for each position. Coupled with a strenuous vetting process to ensure we only send over the most qualified candidates.

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For candidates, our recruiters provide step by step guidance throughout the search, and job coaching for those just getting involved with the cannabis industry, regardless of whether or not they are placed.

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