Who would’ve guessed that the controversial cannabis plant could actually be the ultimate weapon in the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This discovery has the potential to revolutionize medicine and ease a fear that has persisted for decades surrounding super bacteria. 

A 2019 report found out that the US alone faced over 2.8 million drug-resistant infections, causing over 35,000 deaths annually. It means that drugs that were previously effective against such viruses no longer work against them, requiring advanced medications to fight against these superbugs.

This article is particularly dedicated to the researchers’ efforts who are looking into the potential of Cannabigerol (CBG) to combat such viruses.

What is CBG?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant. Although less commonly used than cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBG has been associated with medications that are capable of fighting drug-resistant viruses.

For better comprehension, you will find around 1% CBG in a cannabis plant where CBD or THC levels would cross 25%. However, CBG is closer to the CBD compound due to its non-psychoactive benefits to the user.

Some of the common diseases and illnesses CBG is used against include:

  • Huntington’s disease
  • Pain relief
  • Glaucoma
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Different types of cancer

There are several other diseases and illnesses CBG may be beneficial against. Studies are still underway for truly understanding the effectiveness and capabilities of this rare cannabis compound. Inyo Las Vegas is a leading Las Vegas strip dispensary that offers a broad range of products containing CBG.

How Does CBG Help Against Drug-Resistant Viruses?

A small study conducted on cannabis compounds found CBG to be effective against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which is a drug-resistant superbug. This bacteria also ranked among the most critical ones on a list provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Scientists conducted a few more studies to identify the true potential of CBG and found out that it could kill both the regular and the Persister bacteria. Since scientists now understand the potential of CBG, more in-depth studies have begun on CBG and how it will benefit users with drug-resistant infections.

Two Types of Bacteria

There are two key classes of bacteria—Gram-positive bacteria (MRSA), and Gram-negative bacteria. The latter type is difficult to treat because it has two cell membranes (inner and outer). Although CBG may not be able to fight MRSA individually, if coupled with an antibiotic like polymyxin B, the cannabis compound successfully kills the pathogens.

Counter Measures Are Being Taken

While researchers are looking into the benefits of CBG, countries like the UK are taking other measures to counter the drug-resistant viruses. They implemented a plan to reduce the use of antibiotics in 2014, in pursuit of ensuring that viruses don’t become resistant, and are inevitably difficult to handle. The country is also implementing a new five-year plan to eradicate the dependency on antibiotics to a maximum extent.

Urgent Research Is Required

Drug resistance has been a growing phenomenon that is becoming a major cause of concern for medical researchers. As new mutations are coming forward, global researchers are expediting their work to find ample solutions to halt or counter these mutations in order to ensure proper recovery from potential drug-resistant infections.

The said concern is also growing because a majority of the recent virus and bacterial discoveries date back to a few decades ago. In other words, most antibiotics we consume today are based on the genetics of viruses and bacteria that were found decades ago. It means that if the same microbes had evolved over this period, the same antibiotics would be ineffective for their treatment.

As a solution, we need to immediately determine the drugs that are losing their impact against such microbes and develop contemporary versions of them. This will enable the medications to fight the evolved version of microbes, thereby ensuring effective results for consumers.

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