Produced in the trichomes of the cannabis plant, terpenes are the aromatic compounds making up the essential oils in medical marijuana; they contribute to your medicine’s therapeutic effects. In order to help you understand how different strains of medicine will benefit you, we’ve put together some information about the most common terpenes found in cannabis:

forward-arrowrow Myrcene
forward-arrowrow a-Pinene
forward-arrowrow b-Pinene
forward-arrowrow Limonene
forward-arrowrow Linalool
forward-arrowrow Caryophyllene
forward-arrowrow Humulene
forward-arrowrow Terpinolene
forward-arrowrow Ocimene
forward-arrowrow Nerolidol
forward-arrowrow Isopulegol
forward-arrowrow Bisabolol
forward-arrowrow Guaiol

Know Your Terpenes - A Pocket Guide by Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary (Las Vegas, NV)

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